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Phoenix in China - Highest 50-50 ever on Scooter!?

Posted on 06 May 2016

Front side 5050 at SMP skatepark in Jiangwan City, Shanghai China. Photo by Ryan Upchurch. 

The main reason we went to China was to visit the factories where the Phoenix and Rogue products are manufactured. The products were in the early stages of production when we got there so it was perfect timing to make any last minute changes. 
When in production, we follow a certain schedule. This is a general breakdown of that schedule:
1. Finalize product drawings.
This can take a while, especially if you haven't set up a deadline to have the drawings done. We work closely with the engineers to create a product that the team visualizes and wants to ride.
2. Create & finalize product artwork.
After we have a general idea of how the product will look, we work with our artist to create the color finish and the artwork that will be applied. 
3. Get a sample, inspect, and test. 
After we get a sample and have the team properly test it, we make any and all last minute changes with the engineer and manufacturers before it goes into production.
Most of the time in China, we were busy finalizing the product finishes and artwork that will be going on the new summer 2016 Phoenix product line. Expect to see the Phoenix product line coming soon.

Ryan Upchurch, Dan Barrett, Dom Marconi

Drinking non carbonated RedBulls after the SMP sesh.

Dan Barrett straight hop over a motorized scooter.

Ryan Upchurch behind the lens.

Dan Barrett with a front bri over a fallen light pole.

Ryan Upchurch behind the lens.

Dan Barrett with a backside board slide on a tailgate in Shanghai.

Ryan Upchurch behind the lens.

Dan Barrett posted at the largest skatepark in the world, SMP skatepark.

-Dan Barrett

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