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Pro Scooter Sizing Chart

How do you choose bar size? (See Sizing Guide)
Bar size is vital in rider comfort on a scooter – knowing how to choose bar size is important. We base bar height and width on the rider’s height to ensure the best geometry for comfortable freestyle riding. If you are unsure about size, we recommend buying larger bars rather than smaller because they can always be cut down.

How do you choose deck size? (See Sizing Guide)
Some riders say that riding a wider deck provides more of a stable platform to perform tricks on, but width is more of a preference than anything. We recommend deck lengths based on height to ensure the best geometry for freestyle riding. Altering deck length influences the way a scooter tailwhips, and the “pop” (deck feedback when pushing off the ground) a rider experiences when jumping. We recommend to ride a couple at your local shop to get a feel for your personal preference.

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